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I have lost, yet again, my hearing aid. The left one. The one for my “good” ear. I have a memory of its beeping a message to me that the battery was running flat, and, after that…nothing. So far,  the … Continue reading

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“It’s Only Pixels.”

I was unutterably crap at anything which fell under the heading of “games” when younger.  Sincerely, irrevocably, crap.  Didn’t matter if it was a board game, games in school Phys Ed., gin rummy with my father and brothers, or Hide-and-Bloody-Seek, … Continue reading

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I have one coffee per day, usually. It begins in my thermal mug around 7a.m., fresh from our metal cafetiere (I haven’t been able to break it. Yet.) I carry the mug down the communal stairs of our flat, along … Continue reading

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The State of Play.

The state of play today is that I am at home, recovering from a brief but exhausting stomach bug. This is a very infrequent situation, being off work.  It usually comes, however, when my adrenally-challenged immune system goes into sleep-mode … Continue reading

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