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Life Long Learning

I’m never very good with the vocabulary of curricular matters.  Especially big, nationwide, and current curricular matters, like Curriculum For Excellence.  I mean, I’m not completely ignorant, but when I try to talk about them, I end up sounding like … Continue reading

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London Calling.

For someone who voted for independence from “London”, I have a strange fondness for the place. I have been there 4 times for an extended stay, and I have passed through it countless more. The last was in April of … Continue reading

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I have lost, yet again, my hearing aid. The left one. The one for my “good” ear. I have a memory of its beeping a message to me that the battery was running flat, and, after that…nothing. So far,  the … Continue reading

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It Goes With the Territory

I don’t know when I first felt guilt, or was made to feel guilty; but it has been an integral part of my make-up for so long, I would put it down as a personal trait.  What I can pin-point, … Continue reading

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